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RANT #9 - Arnold's Roaming Fingers

"I was groped by Arnold Schwartzenegger!"

Since I didn�t want my encounter with Arnold to influence the election in California, I have waited until now to come forth with this story. It happened in 1981. I was doing the morning show at K101 in San Francisco with Ken Copper. San Francisco has a constant supply of �personalities� pushing this or that and anxious to get some airtime. We were happy to oblige.

Not all guests were a treat. Judy Collins was sweet and actually remembered me from a visit to KSTP more five years earlier. John Spanos was young. Olivia Newton John was pretty and Arnold Schwartzenegger was in a bad mood. When he arrived to promote �Conan the Barbarian� at a little after seven AM he was very quiet, taciturn and downright grumpy. I told Ken it didn�t look good so we would do one break with Arnold and �out the door�.

When I switched on Arnold�s Mike, it was as if I had switched on Arnold too. He was wonderful. Funny. Clever. Engaging. Likeable. I wanted to see his next movie. I wanted to lend him money. Hell, I wanted to give him money. By the time the visit was over, I was ready to nominate him for morning-show-guest sainthood. We chatted as I followed him out of the studio to the third floor lobby. Then it happened.

I�ll admit that I had let myself go and there WAS a spare-tire. I was telling Arnold how my brother was a weight lifter and big fan. Arnold looked at me with that I�ll-Be-Back smile, grabbed my right love handle between his fingers and while gently pinching said, �Nice Abs.�

So, the truth is out. I�m glad I waited to share this, and now that California knows, it is up to each of you to decide whether a re-call campaign is called for.

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