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RANT #5 - Saturday Morn Modesto

Favorites 9/27/03

One of the more irreverent readers of these screeds wrote me to ask if I had any favorites that didn�t involve food. Maybe. Maybe not.

I have noticed that questing after happiness is a fool�s errand. I would rather quest after contentment. It is great when you can go for long periods with the gentle bliss of contentment, but mostly I will settle for an hour here and an hour there. When I thought of the preceding, I began thinking of about things I have done which were just right. I thought of one.

Saturday morning in Modesto can be beautiful summer or winter. The sun shines a lot and the insufferable heat comes later in the day. I did not do a morning show on Saturday, but I have never been able to �sleep in�. By 6:30am or so, I was awake and ready to do something. What I did was a crossword puzzle. Let me set the scene.

Up early I shave, fluff and douche. (I�m not being literal) The Olde Tyme Bakery was only an easy three-block bike ride and when they opened, I was there to buy a Huckleberry Muffin. I would buy the San Francisco Chronicle on the way home with my muffin. With muffin and milk, the New York Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle, (In the Chron on Saturdays) and the filtered natural light of an early Central Valley morning, I stretched out on the couch for a couple of hours.

That was contentment.

Of course, the irreverent readers (make that assholes) will point out in their supercilious way that there was, AGAIN, food involved in this favorite.

Yes there was.

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