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Rant #12 - Things to know.

There are some things that EVERYONE should know. It doesn�t matter your age. By the time you are, let�s say 21, you just should know stuff.

In a sentence or two, I�ll list some things everyone should know. I�ll be accused by the young of wanting them to know my stuff and having no desire to know their stuff. They are right. Their stuff has not stood the Rob Sherwood Test of Time. Until I decide, their stuff isn�t important stuff.

Everyone should know about Jack Benny. Why? He was damn funny for one thing, but more importantly, his comedy genius laid the foundation for any really good sit-com on television today. Example: Seinfeld. Do you realize in another couple of years the young won�t know Seinfeld except from re-runs.

On the other hand, any self-respecting involved sixty plus should know about Beavis and Butthead. Part of the 90�s!

Don�t get me started, but what about history? Whom did we fight in WWII? Why did we fight WWII? Name every President of the U.S. since you were born. Name the Vice Presidents.

I just took a break writing this to answer the telephone and a lively discussion took place on what people should know. I don�t usually do this, but let�s open a forum. E-mail me what we should know. I�ll start with my list of twenty Things Everyone Should Know.

1. When people started watching TV and what they did before they had TV.
2. Who were the Beatles and when did they do the things they did.
3. How do you make meatloaf?
4. What did people do before the home PC?
5. Do you know the way to San Jose?
6. Who was Humphrey Bogart and what did he do?
7. Was Dracula real? Where was he from?
8. Name a movie from every decade since 1910. Explain the plot of those movies.
9. Name all the Presidents since you were born.
10. Who had a butler named Rochester?
11. Who had a butler named Mr. French?
12. Who had a butler named Mr. Belvedere?
13. Who was �Newman?
14. Name a hit song/recording in every decade since Elvis became popular.
15. Who was Elvis Presley? Name three of his hit songs.
16. Boy George. What was his deal?
17. Washington, Hamilton, Lincoln, Grant, Franklin. Who are they and why are they on our money.
18. Who was Wallace Simpson?
19. Who was Homer Simpson�s bartender?
20. When will I be loved? (Screw Linda Ronstadt�everyone else has�)

I could go on, but this is a start. There is more to life than video games and Girls Gone Wild. (There is?) The point is�.I Know what�s good for you.

Coming up next, "I hate your damn stories"

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