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RANT #1 - Good Eats

Rant # 1 Up-date!

This was the first rant almost 3 years ago (January 2006) when I started this website. Angie's is long gone. When I lived full-time in California, I used to dream of Sammy’s Pizza. The twice a year trips to see my family ALWAYS included a trip to Sammy’s. Since I returned, I have eaten there, but not nearly as often as I expected. The truth be told, I NOW yearn for a pizza from San Francisco. The particular pizza they make at North Beach Pizza. If you ever visit SF try it. There are about 6-7 North Beach Pizzas in San Francisco, but for some reason the best is at the one actually in North Beach.

"I heard the news today, oh boy…" The report I heard is the Café di Napoli is no more. I have eaten there so often in the past 50 plus years it is with great sadness that I hear of its passing. It was part of my youth, my success, my failure, and my past. Not more than a few months ago, I mentioned to a nephew that I wanted to take him to the Café di Napoli. Just another reason why things like this shouldn’t be put off until ‘later’.

The good news is that supposedly there is an Italian Restaurant in ….I forget…maybe Prior Lake…that has some connection to the old di Napoli. Recipes, relatives, ….or something. I’ll have to check that rumor out! It won’t be the same.

And finally. Thank you for the dozens of recipes and all the information about Made-Rites. There is even one in St. Cloud and some day (see a previous paragraph) I will make a trip there to eat some. The menu someone emailed me amazed me. I used to buy 4-5 at the time and the prices now would make that a 10 dollar fast food ‘snack’. Am I the only one getting old?

Angie’s Pizza in Woodbury, Minnesota. I don’t know if it still exists but in the early 70’s when I was working at KDWB, I probably ate three or four hundred of these wonderfully greasy pizzas. My memory of them is so vivid as I type this I can almost smell the grease. One July Angie showed me a dressed deer hanging in his cooler. He said they had accidentally hit it with a car and…what the hell….picked it up and dressed it, but I think deer have trouble dodging cars (and bullets) when a light is shining in their eyes. I know I ate a lot of Italian venison sausage pizza that summer.

The Café di Napoli in downtown Minneapolis. I was seven the first time my dad took me to the Café Di Napoli and it is still there and still looks pretty much the same as it did a half century ago. I swear some of the waitresses from 1950 are still there. Over the years I ate three or four hundred platters of their spaghetti and it has been the yard-stick on which all restaurant spaghetti has been judged for years. The only restaurant to come close is the Sausage Factory in San Francisco. When I was going to radio school and fellow class-mate named Larry Crawford and I ate there often and I remember Larry would finish his platter in the time it took me to butter a piece of bread.

Made Rites in Cedar Rapids. I was only in Iowa for six months but I ate three or four hundred of these loose meat sandwiches and whish someone would e-mail me a recipe.

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