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RANT #1 - Good Eats

Rant # 1 Up-date!

This was the first rant almost 3 years ago (January 2006) when I started this website. Angie's is long gone. When I lived full-time in California, I used to dream of Sammy�s Pizza. The twice a year trips to see my family ALWAYS included a trip to Sammy�s. Since I returned, I have eaten there, but not nearly as often as I expected. The truth be told, I NOW yearn for a pizza from San Francisco. The particular pizza they make at North Beach Pizza. If you ever visit SF try it. There are about 6-7 North Beach Pizzas in San Francisco, but for some reason the best is at the one actually in North Beach.

"I heard the news today, oh boy�" The report I heard is the Caf� di Napoli is no more. I have eaten there so often in the past 50 plus years it is with great sadness that I hear of its passing. It was part of my youth, my success, my failure, and my past. Not more than a few months ago, I mentioned to a nephew that I wanted to take him to the Caf� di Napoli. Just another reason why things like this shouldn�t be put off until �later�.

The good news is that supposedly there is an Italian Restaurant in �.I forget�maybe Prior Lake�that has some connection to the old di Napoli. Recipes, relatives, �.or something. I�ll have to check that rumor out! It won�t be the same.

And finally. Thank you for the dozens of recipes and all the information about Made-Rites. There is even one in St. Cloud and some day (see a previous paragraph) I will make a trip there to eat some. The menu someone emailed me amazed me. I used to buy 4-5 at the time and the prices now would make that a 10 dollar fast food �snack�. Am I the only one getting old?

Angie�s Pizza in Woodbury, Minnesota. I don�t know if it still exists but in the early 70�s when I was working at KDWB, I probably ate three or four hundred of these wonderfully greasy pizzas. My memory of them is so vivid as I type this I can almost smell the grease. One July Angie showed me a dressed deer hanging in his cooler. He said they had accidentally hit it with a car and�what the hell�.picked it up and dressed it, but I think deer have trouble dodging cars (and bullets) when a light is shining in their eyes. I know I ate a lot of Italian venison sausage pizza that summer.

The Caf� di Napoli in downtown Minneapolis. I was seven the first time my dad took me to the Caf� Di Napoli and it is still there and still looks pretty much the same as it did a half century ago. I swear some of the waitresses from 1950 are still there. Over the years I ate three or four hundred platters of their spaghetti and it has been the yard-stick on which all restaurant spaghetti has been judged for years. The only restaurant to come close is the Sausage Factory in San Francisco. When I was going to radio school and fellow class-mate named Larry Crawford and I ate there often and I remember Larry would finish his platter in the time it took me to butter a piece of bread.

Made Rites in Cedar Rapids. I was only in Iowa for six months but I ate three or four hundred of these loose meat sandwiches and whish someone would e-mail me a recipe.

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