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Rant #11 - The Chuck Roast Show!

I hear this almost every time I listen to the radio. �Next, the weather on Happy 63!�

The trouble is�it is never NEXT. Before the Chuck Wagon Show gets started there is local news, national news, weather, commercials, etc. etc. and then finally�The Chuck Steak Show.

�The weather is next�. Lies! Lies! What really is next, is three or four minutes of commercials, this and that, that and this and THEN�the weather! �But first, this word from our weather sponsor.�

It�s just a personal peeve, this use of the word next. Doesn�t next mean�well�next? Now if this isn�t trivial enough, radio people, let�s discuss �o�clock��

Rob�s Rant
July 2004

�Coming up next, Things to know.�

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