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Rant #11 - The Chuck Roast Show!

I hear this almost every time I listen to the radio. “Next, the weather on Happy 63!”

The trouble is…it is never NEXT. Before the Chuck Wagon Show gets started there is local news, national news, weather, commercials, etc. etc. and then finally…The Chuck Steak Show.

”The weather is next”. Lies! Lies! What really is next, is three or four minutes of commercials, this and that, that and this and THEN…the weather! “But first, this word from our weather sponsor.”

It’s just a personal peeve, this use of the word next. Doesn’t next mean…well…next? Now if this isn’t trivial enough, radio people, let’s discuss “o’clock”…

Rob’s Rant
July 2004

“Coming up next, Things to know.”

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