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RANT #4 - State Fair Catastrophes


I spent an entire day at the Minnesota State Fair and it was bliss. I went with family members and we “did” the fair as a group. What fun.

Since, for me, the Fair is all about eating. . . Here’s an up-date.

The Cheese Curds are still terrific. They didn’t have these when I spent every night broadcasting from the fair. If they had I’d have eaten two or three hundred of them. The person who came up with this treat will have 76 virgins waiting for them in Paradise. Is there a lo-cal version? The Cream Puffs are just swell. Not only did I eat my own, but also I ate the leftovers of everyone else. (Not strangers. . . Just my family’s) I heard the woman who came up with the Bucket of Cookies makes 750 grand each year at the Fair. Good for her. And all you can drink milk. I ate enough cookies and drank enough milk to seal the bucket.

A new favorite I loved and my family didn’t. . . Key Lime Pie on a stick. I rather have this than one of those 76 virgins.

There were disappointments. I have a suspicion that those are turkey dogs in the Pronto Pup. I’m not sure I even like turkey at Thanksgiving, so get your grubby extruded turkey meat hands off my Pronto Pup.

You’d think Peter’s Hot Dogs would be good but they are atrocious. How about frying them or grilling them. Think about this….Microsoft makes a better hot dog.

And come on . . . Not everything on a stick, works. The person who came up with the battered-deep-fried Twinkie will roast in Hell (battered and deep-fried for Eternity)

Finally. The Pizza. The sign says they have been at the Fair for 16 years. The slice I had tasted like they made it 16 years ago. Everyone associated with this pizza gets sent to the gulag.

I walked by the various radio station booths. Yawn.

Forgive me for putting some ranting on the Favorites Page.

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