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RANT #4 - State Fair Catastrophes


I spent an entire day at the Minnesota State Fair and it was bliss. I went with family members and we �did� the fair as a group. What fun.

Since, for me, the Fair is all about eating. . . Here�s an up-date.

The Cheese Curds are still terrific. They didn�t have these when I spent every night broadcasting from the fair. If they had I�d have eaten two or three hundred of them. The person who came up with this treat will have 76 virgins waiting for them in Paradise. Is there a lo-cal version? The Cream Puffs are just swell. Not only did I eat my own, but also I ate the leftovers of everyone else. (Not strangers. . . Just my family�s) I heard the woman who came up with the Bucket of Cookies makes 750 grand each year at the Fair. Good for her. And all you can drink milk. I ate enough cookies and drank enough milk to seal the bucket.

A new favorite I loved and my family didn�t. . . Key Lime Pie on a stick. I rather have this than one of those 76 virgins.

There were disappointments. I have a suspicion that those are turkey dogs in the Pronto Pup. I�m not sure I even like turkey at Thanksgiving, so get your grubby extruded turkey meat hands off my Pronto Pup.

You�d think Peter�s Hot Dogs would be good but they are atrocious. How about frying them or grilling them. Think about this�.Microsoft makes a better hot dog.

And come on . . . Not everything on a stick, works. The person who came up with the battered-deep-fried Twinkie will roast in Hell (battered and deep-fried for Eternity)

Finally. The Pizza. The sign says they have been at the Fair for 16 years. The slice I had tasted like they made it 16 years ago. Everyone associated with this pizza gets sent to the gulag.

I walked by the various radio station booths. Yawn.

Forgive me for putting some ranting on the Favorites Page.

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