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My Thank You Rant.

I haven�t ranted for a while. Is that a sign that my life is wonderful? It must be. However, I just got back from a trip to K-Mart to buy highlighters. I could have gone to WalMart or Target but I chose K-Mart. I prefer their highlighters. When one wants to highlight, there is nothing like a Martha Stewart Highlighter.

The roots of the problem must have begun in the 60�s. Wasn�t this the first generation that became suspicious of �the man�? The children of the children of the 60�s are now the clerks and checkouts. They are the �servers� of the new millennium and they just don�t know diddly-shit about �service�.

When is the last time you got change with the phrase, �thank-you�? Like a decade or three? Why do corporate edicts suggest, �Have a nice day�? Is it just another way not to have to say �thank you�? It has gotten so bad that frequently I find myself saying �thank you� when I get my change (or bag of burgers). That is nuts! That is a reversal. The customer is now saying �thank you�!

Doesn�t it make sense that the staff should thank you for spending your money with them? Isn�t the appropriate place for these thanks at the end of the transaction? When you get your change, shouldn�t it include a �thank-you�? You know what they say now. �There you go�.

THERE YOU GO! Anything to avoid saying thank-you.

I am not suggesting an averted eye, a tug on the cap, and a quiet, �Please to be of service, Master� but a simple thank you would be nice.

When they put the change in your hand and say, �there you go� answer with �you�re welcome�. I forget to do it most of the time, but my intentions are there.

So, there�s my rant. By the way, who started putting the register receipt, bills, and coins all together into your hand? Fodder for further ranting.

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