RANT #3 - State Fair Fantasies

New Favorite-State Fair

There is no fair like the Minnesota State Fair. Of course, I havenít been to every fair but I donít care. Objectivity is not my goal.

Oh sure I like the Midway (hate rides though), love the vegematic demonstrations, and even check out the animals, but let me rhapsodize about the food.

My State Fair Favorites in order of preference:

1. The Cream Puff - real whipped cream (Whip ItÖWhip it good)
2. The Pronto Pup - Iíve eaten 200 or 300 of these over the years. With Mustard
3. Cheese Curds - It is a good thing they didnít have these when I broadcast, every night, from the fair.
4. A Bucket of Cookies and All the Milk I Can Drink.

Something I missÖ.They would take vanilla ice cream, cut it into quarters, dip it in chocolate and roll it in nuts. They quit this treat didnít they?

The California State Fair sucks big time. The politically correct creeps make Californians buy their State Fair junk food through little one foot openings. They shroud the booth in screening to keep out the nasty bugs and germs. The only fair that comes close is the Western Washington State Fair in Pullayup, Washington just outside of Seattle/Tacoma. Two great things at that fair. People wait in block-long lines to buy the scones. They were good, but I might wait five minutes tops. The other was the Onion Burger. (It is just a little greasy burger with more fried onions than meat. To Die For)

Before the Minnesota State Fair ends, Iíll sample the goodies, gain 200 or 300 pounds and let you know if itís still as good as I remember.

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