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Open Blog October 30 - November 3
Posted by Rob Sherwood   •   Thursday, 2008-October-30 • 07:18
Now where did we leave off? I was surfing looking for pics that I could use in this blog and also in my story. Its amazing how difficult it is to find them. I got all excited when I found a site with some K101 pix but then realized they were from the late 70's. The search continues. So far I have struck out on 'inside' pix of KO93.

Just a quick note about buffets. Generally, I find them fun. I like going to them by myself because I can read and eat slowly. Today, most everyone eats much too quickly. Of course maybe I am eating much to slowly. I have a good friend in SF who will not eat at a buffet because he thinks too many people have breathed on the food. Anyway, I so far have not NOT found a Pizza Buffet that is as good as just ordering the pie...well....alone.

Rey Lark
Posted by Rob Sherwood   •   Tuesday, 2008-October-28 • 12:36
I just checked my email and found out Rey Lark had died.

I met Rey in 1969 when I went to work at KDWB. He was one of the Engineers and the entire time I was there worked the night shift. In MY STORY I have mentioned Rey often. Not only was he the best broadcast engineer I've ever worked with, but he was also the nicest.

In those early days, I'd sit in the KDWB staff lounge and chat with Rey while he ate a Swanson's Franks & Beans TV Dinner. Later, we hired him as the Chief Engineer at U100 where he helped me to achieve my vision. I can't remember Rey ever telling me something "couldn't be done". At WEBC he was always there with advice. The last time I saw Rey was years ago when I was at K101. Rey loved to go to the big broadcasting equipment convention and that year it was close enough to SF that he dropped by for a visit. He stayed with me for a couple of days and we reminisced. Good things were ahead for Rey when he got his own station.

I know he was aware of my website. I hope he got to read it and wasn't insulted. Rey will be remembered.Rey-1975
Open Blog - October 22 - 27
Posted by Rob Sherwood   •   Wednesday, 2008-October-22 • 20:19
Well....I stayed away longer than I planned. I'm just dropping by to let you know I'm back and that the new chapter is in the My Story section. Be sure to click on the appropriate words to see the pix and drop me a line or add a comment here. I got a great email from Wayne Johnson from my Cedar Rapids days and he reminded me of some parts of My story I had forgotten. I'll have to do an up-date. Same for some stories I just got from the days at U100. Not only is this My Story but it is my Never Ending Story.

Take care...
Open Blog - October 13 - 18
Posted by Rob Sherwood   •   Monday, 2008-October-13 • 21:13
Jay Leno just finished doing "Headlines" and that's the end of the day for me. I only watch the Tonight Show on Monday night because I like "Headlines". The rest of the week, I pass.

It was on this date in ancient Egypt that Cleopatra journeyed to the banks of the Nile not realizing that the banks were closed. It was Columbus Day. Actually, I stopped at the bank this afternoon to deposit a check. It was open. Later, I realized I needed some change and tried to go to the bank at the grocery store. They were closed. I guess the Columbus Day closure dealie isn't universal. Why, at one time it was something you could depend on. The Italians would march and the banks would close.

OK. Here is how it works. In the comment section you are welcome to write on any thread you feel like. Then I can comment or not. And others can comment or not. This is sort of like when I used to give 'talks' at schools. THIS is the question time. The questions can be serious but don't necessarily expect a serious answer. btw....I am going for a little vacation on Thursday so you all may have to carry on without me next week-end. Oh, the humanity!
Open Blog - October 7 - 12, 2008
Posted by Rob Sherwood   •   Tuesday, 2008-October-07 • 10:29
Yesterday I had to go back to MY STORY, Chapter 5 to see what I wrote about Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The reason? I heard from someone mentioned there who was definitely part of MY STORY. Wayne Johnson. My memory failed me and I referred to him as Duane Johnson. Oops! I'll have to fix that. We went to Brown Institute together for a while. Here's how Brown worked. Every month a new class began and ever month those who had been there for 9 months graduated. Wayne beat me to Brown by several months and left to begin his career while I had months to go. At one time, if you were a broadcaster in the five-state mid-west (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North & South Dakota) the chance that one, if not all, of your colleagues was a grad of B-I were almost 100%. I remembered quite clearly that Wayne worked in Cedar Rapids, but I had forgotten that we worked together in Austin, Minnesota. (What did I do to kill all those brain cells?) I also forgot his visits while I was KDWB and KSTP. (Do Big Macs kill brain cells?) Now I will have to pick Wayne's brain and grab my webmaster and do some editing and correcting. He also had some pix and I'll link to them this week in a comment....

Damn! I have to write to my friend Claudia...NOW she wrote to ask me if I'm in a coma....

BTW...the Vikings win last night was dirty but welcome. Just one question....Whose idea was it to kick to Reggie Bush? (I have an idea....)
Sunday Night Sleepy
Posted by Rob Sherwood   •   Sunday, 2008-October-05 • 21:20
At least I didn't have to watch the Vikings lose today. My brother and I talked on the phone tonight and I told him that Chilly the Tool should be gone...but, he said that going with statistics, teams don't improve with mid-season coach changes. My opinion is that he should either get the axe or grow a couple.

Tomorrow night I'll suffer thru the game. My cable is back at 100% but I didn't have anything DVR'd, so spent most of the day reading. I drank some milk with a cheese sandwich for dinner and now I feel all bloated. In my old-age I have become lactose intolerant. On CSI-New York one of the characters said watching football without beer was like eating pizza with milk. Now, I thought that was strange because I LOVE cold milk with pizza. Rarely do it, but would love it if I did.

I first began watching football on Sunday when I worked in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Of course, I joined in the Packer Mania...(something I am ashamed of today, as I am ashamed of punching the nun and liking Velveeta)

When I was in Tacoma I was a Seahawk fan and in San Francisco I loved the Niners. Damn it was nice to root for teams that actually won...

I started watching the Sunday talking-head shows this morning but fell asleep in the middle of Fox News Sunday. Now I'm starting to babble....

I wanted to end with a pithy quote but all I can think of is this:

"I have a bracelet too" - Barak Obama

What a maroon....!

Cable Problems!!!
Posted by Rob Sherwood   •   Friday, 2008-October-03 • 14:37
I once wrote that I seriously considered leaving my life as a broadcaster and moving to India and working with Mother Theresa...until I found out she didn't have cable.

One of the first times I quit smoking came about when I realized that cigarettes were my 2nd highest monthly out-lay. (And that was when cigs cost about $2 a pack) Now, the cost of my cable...television and internet....in two locations easily takes second place beating out food and sex toys.

Let me just state without fear of contradiction...DVR will change your life. When the cable doesn't work properly, life is tough.

In Minnesota I have great service...when it works...but I have been subject to technological problems to the extent that I have the 'assistance number' on speed dial. Without boring you any more than I already am, my cable is acting up. It isn't totally out. In fact it isn't even 90% out. It is that pesky 10 percent away from perfection that caused me to send an SOS and tomorrow between 10am - 12noon my rescue will arrive. Until then, I shall pout and eat cookies and milk.....btw....I liked the movie Eagle Eye....even if the critics did not. I was going to go to another movie this afternoon but my cable situation had me too depressed....later...R
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