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Posted by Rob Sherwood   •   Monday, 2012-December-24 • 12:20
I am really sorry that it has been a really bad year for updates. I have told at least a dozen people that in the new year things will get better. Even tho I am a bad blogger I still get mail. Whether you write, read, or have just given up on me...Merry Christmas!!!
  1. MBiolo wrote on 2013-January-02 11:39:08:
    And a very Happy New Year to you. Glad to know you are still among the living! Marco
  2. Rob Sherwood wrote on 2013-January-05 17:07:06:
    Thanks you to. ...Still among the living.... just barley.Jk
  3. MBiolo wrote on 2013-February-02 08:03:49:
    So . . . is Chapter 30 really on the way?? I may just have to go up there and kick your ass . . .
  4. MBiolo wrote on 2013-February-02 08:12:33:
    By the way, I have had those dreams back in the days when I actually was on the radio. "Which pot is for TT 2? Why won't any of the carts play? My mike is dead and so is the air!" Now I dream about losing my teeth.
  5. anthony_thompson_2000 wrote on 2013-February-17 01:31:13:
    I'm still waiting for my reply two (or maybe three?) years later. And I had sent you such a warm and witty email. How could you resist? : D Well, I wanted to let you know that your powers of persuasion are still echoing more than 40 years later! My brother went out today and bought 'Thirds' by The James Gang (a Daytons Album Discovery of the Week) based soley on your KDWB blurb for it. Yes, it took over four decades for him to do so but better late than never! And he likes it! He told me to thank you for turning him onto it. Now please make haste in replying to my warm and witty email which you read and promptly forgot about 3 years ago. A hint to jog your memory: My friend Rick and I helped you to hang your mirror tile wall in your dining room at your townhouse apartment overlooking West 7th. Tony Thompson
  6. anthony_thompson_2000 wrote on 2013-February-17 01:36:14:
    P.S. And that drawing looks NOTHING like you! Not the face, not the smile and certainly not the hair. That hair looks like it belongs to Ted Koppel or Donald Trump. Your hair looked like it belonged to Ozzie Osbourne.
  7. stevekg95 wrote on 2013-May-03 18:49:55:
    I'll join in concerning the radio dreams. I've had the same one for years....decades. In the studio and can't find any music to play. Lots of unknown, meaningless 45's but no hits. There are lots of carts but none of the logged commercials. Oh shit, more dead air. The fear of dead air apparently was so instilled in all of us that it has caused these nightmares. Or maybe it's the anti-depressants...they're always good for a bad dream. And I'll also comment that you've never answered any of my emails. But that's ok...I know you're busy with your blog and chapter 30. :-) With age, my memory (and couple of other things I won't mention) isn't what it use to be but I still remember the wonderful days of kdwb & wdgy. You know what they say, "I'm not as good as I once was, but I'm as good once, as I ever was.
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