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Posted by Rob Sherwood   •   Thursday, 2011-February-24 • 22:09
I am so sorry I didn't blog yesterday. I could say I spent the morning chugging Nyquil and the afternoon at a Russ Meyers retrospective, but that would be a flashback to my youth. These days I worry that Nyquil could cause heart problems. Let me Google that. Hmmmm. Dizziness, increased heart rate and nervousness. I don't need them. I'll just double my Prozac. It won't cure a cold but at least I won't be anxious about it. Russ Meyers made soft-porn movies in the late 60's & early 70's. These were so 'soft' they wouldn't even qualify for the after midnight schedule on Showtime. His movies were all about extremely buxom babes with boobs big enough to make a Guernsey envious. This was before they struck pay-dirt in the California Silicone Valley and they had to use cotton batting or concrete.

My time at K101 in San Francisco wasn't wasted after all. At some point in early 1982 I answered the phone and it was a former Minnesota listener now transplanted to San Francisco. Usually I'd rather slide down a razor-blade banister than meet up for dinner with a stranger. Not that I am or ever have been the definition of "arm candy", I still worried about having to eat dinner in a public place with someone who says, "Call me Joe" and keeps muttering over his prime rib, "I am not an elephant! I am not an animal! I am a human being!" We ended up eating at one of the darkest restaurants in San Francisco. Joe wasn't taking any chances. Besides, much to I-Knew-It, my host was accompanied by his partner. I know it is a beautiful thing, this whole life-long-love, but I didn't quite understand it in 1982, and it seems too complicated in 2011. His partner wasn't the gayest person I've ever met but when he pierced his ears, sequins poured out....so the San Francisco fire department was standing by.

Thanks to the internet and my website and in spite of my cold I was ready to slide down that razor blade banister again. That couple now lives in Richmond, Virginia, still together, raising a wonderful special needs son and they were keen on driving to see me and spend the day. I met their Sean, who is indeed special and had a fun afternoon dinner I will never forget. I owe that re-union to the internet. Remind me to send Al Gore a thank-you note.

I prefer cherry blossoms to snow flakes so I'm out of here. No time for music. I don't like dashing but dash I did and "nothing will be finer than to be in Carolina...in the moooooooorrrrrrning.

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