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Happy Christmas! God Bless us. Every one! Subscribe to comments to this posting
Posted by Rob Sherwood   •   Monday, 2010-December-20 • 22:09
This is my last screwed up Christmas. For years this has actually, really been my favorite time of year, but I've let my inertia and anxieties ruin it for me lately. Next year.......it will be better.

I think of so many people who have brightened my Christmas in the past. Thanks....from the powers-that-were at KDWB who didn't fire me when I put lights in my hair for the Christmas Party...to my relatives who are still waiting for the 'gift-that's-in-the-mail'.

Especially, thanks to the Kellehers, Hurds, Tinkles, Krackles, and others who included me in their family when I needed one. It's snowing in Minnesota and I'm leaving tomorrow at 6am to try to find someplace without a White Christmas! Next year is going to be swell.
  1. MBiolo wrote on 2010-December-21 19:39:59:
    A very Merry and Blessed Christmas to you my friend! And I love the snow this time of year. (April, not so much.) Marco
  2. cindic wrote on 2010-December-23 12:41:59:
    I hope you have a Christmas where no snow-shoveling is involved. Catch you in the New Year (and not the far pasture). Cindi AKA Whoopie Woman
  3. jeanner51 wrote on 2011-January-10 22:10:47:
    A very Happy 2011 to you! from the other half of Burns and Weinacht
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