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Posted by Rob Sherwood   •   Thursday, 2007-October-25 • 21:08
I actually finished the first half of the WEBC part of My Story and it should be posted soon. Now that I am back on a single track and should be able to 'leave for California' before the end of the year.

I haven't written for a couple of days because this week has been one of those kind of weeks. Nothing to write about. Nice to hear from you and I will reply to ALL my mail before the end of the week.

  1. warrconn wrote on 2007-October-31 15:14:44:
    Hey, Rob I ran across your site awhile ago. I listened to you at WDGY and KDWB for years. Like you, I went to Brown Institute..in fact, I think they had a picture of you in the lobby reposing on a dune buggy. This was in '77. I worked in Northern MN for a few years and my wife worked at WEBC (We End Broadcast Careers) for a brief stint in about '84. I also worked in San Francisco for ten years for Jim Gabbert, the guy who originally put K101 on the air. I also remember when Don Bleu left Mpls. for the Bay Area..it was the talk of the Brown Institute lunch room (I don't think that place had been updated since the 50s!) I'll write back when I have more time. Enjoy reading your stuff! John Warren SW Florida
  2. Rob Sherwood wrote on 2007-November-01 10:28:05:
    Yes...they used that picture to entice innocent people into a career in broadcasting. Even though the old Brown Digs on Lake Street are gone (I think) there are DNA traces all around the area, I'm sure. We End Broadcast Careers! I have never heard that before and I'm LMAO...please forgive me when I use it without attribution. You must have worked for Gabbert at Channel 20...right? Some of that time was when I was there. Don left the Twins to work in Los Angeles first. That wasn't a good fit because about a year later he came north. I remember picking Don and his family up at the airport and driving to the East-Bay Burbs so they could scout for someplace to live. And that night there was a small earthquake....just large enough to break some glass. It wasn't a bad omen because, of course, he is still there. I get down to Key West often...what? You don't like the weather in Duluth?...Take care and keep in touch.

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