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Bored With It All
Posted by Rob Sherwood   •   Thursday, 2007-October-18 • 12:21
Taffy had a wonderful moment added on to yesterday's thread. Some of the rest of you leeches should add something also. Someone wrote and commented that I sound bored. I may be a little but not George Saunders bored. (If you want an explanation of that write me) I am not really bored. I am unstimulated. Every day used to be a competition. Days full of dreams and fears, attentions and slights, enemies and potential enemies. Now, I wake to a certainty that my day will be spent drifting on a calm sea and I fall to sleep having conquered nothing.

"For is it not true that the intensity of searching for something is merely a mask for our fear of actually finding it?"

James Webb wrote that in The Emperor's General. What's missing these days is the search. I'll have to consider taking some chances in the coming year. Without a fear of failure what is the joy in success. I thought of another quote. Dorothy Parker. "They sicken of the calm who knew the storm"

Feel free to write anytime. I don't mind what anyone writes about me as long as it isn't true.

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