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October! So Far So Bad! Subscribe to comments to this posting
Posted by Rob Sherwood   •   Tuesday, 2007-October-16 • 20:29
I apologize for abandoning my website for a month. Or more. No excuse so I won't manufacture one. What have I been doing rather than taking care of business? Nothing. It sort of reminds me of my school days. I would read read read...books on history, books on this, books on that, fiction, non-fiction...whatever. However, the assignments of reading for school and actual grades...forget it. Perhaps, I just automatically rebel if something is expected of me. I am too lazy tonight to even do paragraph breaks and indents. Anyway..heads up. There will be more on the website before the end of October. And. Maybe a surprise or two. Anway, just so you know I haven't forgotten my responsibilites and before the semester is over I'll submit something or suffer the Incomplete on my report card. Take care...Rob
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