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Posted by Rob Sherwood   •   Friday, 2013-February-22 • 10:24
The other day my brother Tim and I were in Target. Before we had taken 10 steps into the store we were confronted by a shelf of Oreos with Mega Filling. When they introduced Double Stuffed Oreos it seemed like a great idea since for years I had been splitting two cookies, eating the 'plain' parts and putting the filling parts together...creating my very own Double Stuffed Oreo. A few months ago I was at WalMart and saw a shelf full of Triple Stuffed Oreos. The question pops into my mind. How fat do we really want to be? Now they trumped the Triple Stuffed with Mega Stuffed. What is that? Four Times?....Five Times?....or maybe just 3.4 times. Suddenly I had a craving for Oreos and milk. I am proud to say I bought one package of just regular original single stuffed Oreos. It was sort of a health thing. I have also stopped putting gravy on salad and leaving the mayo off of my peanut butter, butter, and mayo toast. My brother, however, got all wide-eyed and couldn't resist the Mega Stuffed. As we left the store, I asked Tim how long after I got home would I have my first Oreo. Would it be in the first 15 minutes?...Within an hour?....or later that night. Of course he chose the first option. We've been brothers for decades. He, with his incredible will-power, told me he planned on having a single cookie as a TV Treat sometime that night. That just amazes me because he wasn't kidding. Later that night I had to call him. First I had to tell him that I had indeed had a cookie in the first 15 minutes. He told me he had one cookie. I told him I had one as well. One row.

The comments from Tony about my home on Ramsey Hill in St. Paul caused a fun little exercise. I spent a few moments trying to remember every place I've ever lived and what decorating additions I did to them. Now, it is time for my nap. When that's over I'll have an Oreo. I think there are 3 left plus I can lick the crumbs.
  1. cindic wrote on 2013-April-22 13:15:47:
    Meanwhile, several months after this post, Cindi wishes you a happy birthday. Whoopie!
  2. TAFFY333 wrote on 2013-April-22 20:29:59:
    Yeah, happy birthday. I guess. Are you still alive? I retired last week. Are you feeling old yet?
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