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Posted by Rob Sherwood   •   Tuesday, 2012-February-07 • 21:25
If you came here without a visit to the main site you don't know what is lurking over there. At long last Chapter 29, complete and posted. As the years go by it becomes quite the chore to dredge these things out of my aging brain. Not only do I hope the last check I write bounces, I also hope I get to write -30- without using my final brain cell. The winter must be a time for more surfing because hardly a day goes by without hearing from someone who has discovered my site. Finding it is one thing. Reading every word proves you like me. Take care.... R
  1. MBiolo wrote on 2012-February-08 11:14:50:
    I'm happy (I think) to report that over the years I have indeed read every word.

    As a dapper young Naval Officer I lived in San Francisco from 1977-1980, the halcion days of KFRC. As a less young and less dapper Naval Officer I was again stationed there from 1987-1992. KFOG (AOR)was in charge by then. When you were there I think KFOG would have been beautiful music, along with KOIT and KABL. And how The City changed in those ten years. I get back there frequently and still love the place but it is not the magical mystery tour it was in the '70s (and I'm sure in the '60s).

    And Chapter 30 is cued up?? Forgive my skepticism but . . .
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