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Posted by Rob Sherwood   •   Wednesday, 2011-August-03 • 21:27
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I see that Greg dropped me a note. It was his older sister I went to High School with in the last century. For those of you eavesdropping on these comment replies, Greg has been my younger brother's friend for years. I seduced him into going to the opera with me and I'm sure he finds hanging out with Wally rather than the Beaver is more edifying than checking out the band on Friday night at the Vets Club in Carlton.

Another note from Cindy, out there in the Amador Valley in California. Cindy was a regular caller when I haunted KDWB and she made me feel nice and old when she mentioned her 40th High School Reunion coming up. I so remember Robbinsdale High School. Gone now, but not forgotten. And my friend Marco from Green Bay. designsrvs wrote on 2011-July-30 07:22:21: Glad I had a little to do in getting you there. The grapevine told me you held court wherever you went and were the belle of the ball. I have a reunion next week and am at best ambivalent about getting there. Hope to see you before the next opera season. For some reason I knew that Abbot Pennings had closed. Come to think of it....Abbot Pennings himself is long gone as well. Marco is very diligent when it comes to regular reminders......whining.....that another Chapter of My Story is due. Yes. I heard. Seriously.....I'm getting back into things. Slowly. Over on another mail site, Moon dropped me a note. It was kind of funny because he added his note to a reply to an earlier bit of mail from me in 2006 or something.....I used to be prolific. Moon is sending a picture. If I am fully dressed in the photo, I'll share it.

One thing prompted me to write tonight. How come most of the radio stations I tune to are so damn embarrassing? It's rhetorical. Three things come to mind. No pride. No one to teach them. No demands. Makes me sad.
  1. MBiolo wrote on 2011-August-05 08:39:05:
    Whining indeed. It's one of the few things I do well.

    Could not agree more with your assesment of radio as it now exists. It is embarassing. And you are so right about nobody to teach them and the complete absence of pride. Makes me sad too. Well, at least we have the comfort of knowing we lived and worked in the hay days of Top 40 radio. And there is something to be said for that.

  2. cindic wrote on 2011-August-11 14:15:34:
    Did I say 40? I must have meant 10. Cindi
  3. maxnicholas wrote on 2011-September-03 09:22:17:
    Robbinsdale. Can't type it without some lame cheering noise rattling around my head. Massachusetts. Same/Same. thank Cpt Kangaroo for that one. Best.
  4. designsrvs wrote on 2011-September-20 15:34:41:
    Greg here: I must rant about talk radio. I was told by Rush and Hanity: 1) there would be no prayers at the 911 memorial in NYC (Jay Secalo, Center for American Justice) was wild about this), 2) police and firemen would not be allowed to wear uniforms, and 3) the President would turn it into a campaign speech. Not one of these came to pass. Obama was on point, brief and dignified. There were plenty of appropriate Christian prayers. And, I saw lines of men and women in uniform. Talk radio has lied to me too many times. This was the last of many straws. Talk radio is dead to me. Since I have stopped listening a massive weight has been lifted from me. Never again talk radio!
    The MET season opens "Live in HD" on Oct 15th with Donizetti's "Anna Bolena." There are 11 this season including the final two of the rings. You dropped me on "Das Rhiengold." I hope you can make all of them this year.
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