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Posted by Rob Sherwood   •   Thursday, 2010-November-25 • 08:34
Not that anyone will see this anytime soon, considering how infrequently I blog, but I got the bug to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. It brings back some good memories. Especially a few big meals in Modesto at my house and the time in San Francisco when I decided to cook at 10am and managed to serve by 3pm.

And the sad fact is....I don't much like turkey. The gravy I could bathe in.
  1. bbrokman wrote on 2010-November-25 13:59:04:
    Oh Yee of little faith!! I look in EVERYDAY for some little snippit Robbie. Happy Holidays to you and yours and all the U100 alums!!
  2. MBiolo wrote on 2010-November-26 12:06:29:
    I too frequently look for something, anything, here. A futile exercise on most occasions I'll admit but I always remain hopeful. And a (belated) Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!!

    Will we get another chapter of "My Story" as a Christmas gift??
  3. funkykenny wrote on 2010-November-26 18:46:33:
    Hope you had a nice day...Kris and Kevin were in town and Wednesday Kris headlined a comedy show. Kevin's band, The Dirty Stomp opened the show...A TINKLE TAKEOVER!!! Three of the tunes are on facebook under The Dirty Stomp. The video was pretty good. Ya know, you can send an email if ya like!!! ADDED BS on a sad note..John Duerner died. He did a lot of piano playing and show tune shows including SHA LA LA ON A SHINGLE...I am sure you knew him..There's a pic in the obit. on http://www.modbee.com
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