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Posted by Rob Sherwood   •   Tuesday, 2010-September-07 • 20:14
Just a quick note to say hello. Missed the State Fair in Minnesota this year. That means that next year I'll really be Jonesing for a Pronto Pup. A good fan and friend from the old days sent me some slides he took on a visit to KDWB in 1971. You'll find them in my Flickr photo stream if you click here. Hope you enjoy them and I'll be back to write here soon. Today i was verbally attacked at the grocery store and my fragile psyche is still processing it. After I've had a long talk with my therapist, I'll try to get the courage to share it with you all. Take care!
  1. MBiolo wrote on 2010-September-08 17:59:37:
    No fair this year?? I am appalled.
  2. Rob Sherwood wrote on 2010-September-10 12:15:34:
    and shocked!
  3. MBiolo wrote on 2010-September-10 18:13:36:
    And shocked! Good photos from the KDWB 63 control room. Gotta love those slide faders!

    And is there more "My Story" in the offing??
  4. MBiolo wrote on 2010-October-02 07:07:26:
    How good to see chapter 28!!! The problem with a new chapter of "My Story" is that it leaves one wanting more. And we all know how futile that has become. What are the chances chapter 29 makes it to the web before the dawn of 2011? Forget I asked that . . .

    I really like your commentary about how for a whole generation of DJs it was the ACT, not the music that took pride of place. Indeed! There was a time when it was a profession. Good liner cards kept the image in focus but you are so right - it's not so much the liner as how it was read. Professional news delivery, great jingle package with the right jings played at the right time, a few good drops, and a good jock who could deliver a line, the music, the contests, and the spots without chatting up a storm. And let's not forget the requirement for a very tight board and commercials (and contests) that actually saw some time in the production room. (Spot announcements now rarely even have a music bed let alone any other production elements. "It's a strange, strange world we live in Master Jack." (Four Jacks and a Jill. One of the worst records ever to chart. Why do I remember that??)) Sadly, radio has become little more than a juke box.

    Your apartment in Ess Eff sounds very much like a place I called home on Northpoint. Just south of the Palace of Fine Arts, a couple blocks from the Marina Green and not far from Paul's Saloon on Scott. Live bluegrass, peanuts in a barrel (shells went on the floor), and within crawling distance of home. Livin' in The City. What a privilege that was.

    Write on my friend!
  5. historyaccessdotcom wrote on 2011-April-29 19:48:50:
    Hey Rob, I listened to you from '69 to '73, thank you for getting me through high school alive (you and Hot Rocks and Abbey Road). Re the flickr photo at the link below (that you mention in the article above) - the date for the KDWB hit chart should be April of '71, not '70. I'm fairly compulsive about dates as you can see. I'm a history guy. I have a Website that you might find interesting, HistoryAccess.com. It has 100 history articles, all over the map, they are. Among them: a profile of Dr. Bronner (the soap guy), a history of Chinese cooking in the U.S., and an examination of why critic Langdon Winner is wrong about the impact of Sgt. Pepper. Web site: http://historyaccess.com/ Flickr page that has wrong date: http://www.flickr.com/photos/31249447@N08/2922427922/in/set-72157607965702868 All the best, and thanks again for that life savin' thing, Bob
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