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Posted by Rob Sherwood   •   Tuesday, 2010-May-04 • 22:14
I know....I know. I go on and on and on ad nauseum but I can't help it. Granted, I can do without Olivia Newton John and Let's Get Physical...but, she popped by KSTP in 1977 and she was very nice and incredibly pretty. In fact, now that I think about it, I saw ONJ a couple of times. Sometime in 1975 I went to a radio convention of some sort in Las Vegas. Damn! I was just thinking about it and I haven't been back to Las Vegas since. What a change. The hotel-casino I stayed at was one of the oldies and I think it was torn down, rebuilt, and torn down again. Anyway...the 'big show' at the time was The Smothers Brothers with Olivia Newton John as the opening act. Maybe it was 1974? Of course some record promoter took a bunch to see her show. "Please Mr. Please ..don't play B-17". I did and I am still ashamed. What the fuck was "B-17" doing on U100? You see...all you U100 fans only remember the Jethro Tull and bad-ass rock and forget Olivia Newton John. What else do I remember from that radio convention? I rented a car and drove to Hoover Dam. I drove across it. Can you still drive across it or are there some terrorist restrictions now? I played roulette and actually won about 500 dollars. I cashed in my chips and (drunkenly) fell asleep on the bed in my hotel room at four in the afternoon. I was pretty high while I was playing the roulette too and it wasn't until a couple of years later I learned that I had really lost but some record guy kept replenishing my stack of chips. That's probably why I played that f'ing "Please Mr. Please...." A couple of hundreds fell out of my pocket during my nap and when the maid came to turn down the bed and put some chocolate on my pillow she found the money and turned it in to security. I got the money back and the maid offered to put a sheet on my bed and I told if she sheet on my bed I would Keeel her. (ha ha ha...heard that the first time when I was in the 2nd grade). Wait a minute! I just realized the other big GLEE song was Run Joey Run and that was another U100 mistake in 1975! This is getting serious. I'm looking at 50-75,000 extra years in purgatory. Seriously, I think we played Run Joey Run more as a joke than as a serious thing. Or not. We used to have a live studio audience at FM104 on Fridays and I think I dance around the studio to You Can't Touch This. (I think I have embarrassed myself in ever city I've been) I can't write anymore. It's 12:13am...I'm tired and I have to go to iTunes and download the GLEE songs....."Daddy please don't..." Later!
  1. MBiolo wrote on 2010-May-05 07:30:06:
    I can't even remember "Run Joey, Run". So that really was a record, eh? I was wondering where that came from. Just as well I don't remeber it.

    Last time I was in Las Vegas was sbout 10 years ago for some screwy meeting or another. I've been there a few times and I'd have to say that town doesn't do much for me. Coolest thing I ever did in Las Vegas was take the "Hard Hat Tour" of Hoover Dam. That was back in the day when they actually took you inside the dam, the powerhouse, etc. All that machinery! Way cool. I know you can still drive across but I'm not sure if you can get inside anymore since 9-11.
  2. Rob Sherwood wrote on 2010-May-06 20:55:30:
    When I was at Hoover Dam they were advertising the guided tour but for some reason or other I didn't go. Since then I have taken some History Channel virtual tour and it looks cool. I was disappointed to learn that there are no bodies encased in cement at the damn. For years I was fascinated by the thought of two or three workers slipping into the wet cement and being lost for ever because I thought that once they started pouring they could never quit. Sometimes myths are more fun than reality. Now...I am pretty sure several guys dropped off the Golden Gate Bridge while it was being built. I was in SF when they celebrated some Golden Gate Bridge anniversary. It was 1987. There were so many people on the bridge it flattened out. I had a chance to go up the tower and look out over the cables....at another time. I passed on that...sorry, I try to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground.
  3. axmanzman wrote on 2010-May-10 22:35:50:
    Olivia Newton Toilet?!!!!! Thats what we would call her whenever her song came up on the Super U. I always thought those type songs were programmed for the older in the demographics or for the females..they always like the ONJ and who was that other girl ... the brunette... Linda Ronstad... ahhhh now there as a cutie...used to have a major crush on her..I met her one time in the lobby of the hotel my band was playing at. A complete sweetheart... A week later Olivia came thru and i think i caught her on a bad day because she didnt even acknowledge me when i said Hi... she just looked at me and said Yeah ok. Then turned around and left. Linda at least sat down and talked music with us guys... Maybe someone told her about what i used to call her when i was younger.. Nevertheless i loved anything played on U-100 because it was a new and different radio station at the time. It was always a treat to tune in and know you'd be hearing something new all the time. Of course the personalities made the station too.. but ive said that before many times.. YOU WERE ONLY 2 MILES FROM MY HOUSE AND YOU DIDNT COME VISIT?!!!! ROB!!! SHAME ON YOU!!! a belated happy b day anyway....
  4. axmanzman wrote on 2010-May-10 22:42:10:
    About Las Vegas... hahahahaa i was fresh off the road in my rock band and i decided since i had the money i would go visit my sister and her family in Vegas.. they were stationed at Nellis AFB. My Bro in law at the time had a cool BMW 1000 motorcycle and he was nice enough to let me cruise around Vegas with it. So i am out there in the mountains ridin along and i decide to go get something to drink. Theres this little store along this winding road and i pull into the parking lot.. i go to take the key out of the ignition of the BMW and it breaks off... I call my sister and shes a little po'd but comes to get me.. as shes pulling in the spot next to the motorcycle another car comes and as shes opening the door to her brand new car that car slams into it tearing it off at the hinges... next thing i knew my bro in law was there smiling and calming us both down... he was so cool cause my sister wanted to kill me.. and i didnt blame her.. next day i was on a plane home..LOL..from that day till the present they both do not let me touch new cars or motorcycles they own.. not even their new lawnmower....
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