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April 15th Subscribe to comments to this posting
Posted by Rob Sherwood   •   Thursday, 2010-April-15 • 13:41
My Mom died on April 15th. Some years I don't remember that. I'd rather think of the day she was born. Or ANY day other than the day she was gone. Fitting that this horrible date is also the day the 'gubmint' picks our pockets. They are having a tea party locally. I'm going to limp down and check it out. Even though I agree with much of the Tea Party agenda, when a bunch of them get together I think a model railroad just might break out. (That is a very inside joke...) I had lunch early today and wouldn't you know it....someone called and wanted to take me to Old Country Buffet. I love lunch-talk...so I agreed to go but not to eat. That was an interesting experience. Lots of very fat people. There was a very fat guy at a nearby table who was celebrating spring in Duluth by wearing a tank-top. He was so hairy he was wearing an XXXL just to accommodate his bushiness. Buried in the foliage were a lot of tattoos. If he lost weight do you think the tattoos would shrink (like writing on a balloon) and with less square-inches of skin to cover, the fur get even thicker completely blocking out the skin art unless you wanted to groom him like a chimpanzee looking for tidbits? It was disgusting enough that I longed for someone in a wheel-chair with a urine bag to block my bread-pudding line-of-sight. I'm off. The festivities kick off at 4pm and I don't want to miss the beginning where they drag their nuts across each others' faces.
  1. Rob Sherwood wrote on 2010-April-15 13:43:40:
    PS: My friend Mark from Green Bay! Be patient! Also....try going to OCB and not eating. They really keep their eye on you. If I had nipped so much as a crouton from a neighboring plate they would have had me taken out by the part-time made-to-order-omelet cook and full-time sniper.
  2. MBiolo wrote on 2010-April-15 20:16:38:
    Patience is a virtue I once read about. And that's about as close as I've come. (I don't make a great monk.)

    Passing on the bread pudding would damn tough. My friend (a good priest from Australia of all places) is quite the bread pudding expert. He gave me a recipe a while back but I still haven't tried it. Seems to me that would a fine ending to a meal beginning with pot roast. Now I'm hungry, damn it. And where the hell is Chili Johns when you need it?!


    P.S. Just read an article about a 22 month school in France for "DJs". The dance hall, wedding reception species. Can you imagine?? 22 months to learn how to scratch a record and light a disco ball. So that's what it's come to. Hell they can just come to America and work CHR with no training (or skill) at all.
  3. axmanzman wrote on 2010-April-16 07:45:09:
    I went to OCB once with a friend and didnt eat.... i was told to leave since i wasnt eating!!!!! so i never go there again....heck i can get better food if i make it myself anyway... the meal nazis really watch ya at every OCB i guess....
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