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Posted by Rob Sherwood   •   Tuesday, 2010-April-13 • 20:09
Usually I don't blog about the radio...except when I am being nostalgic or when something gets my ire aroused. I listen to very little music radio. It is just too depressing. When I want radio entertainment, it is usually something of the talk radio variety that gets my attention. Several of my favs I listen to on line so wherever I go, they go with me. But when I'm in Duluth, the local talk station gets my blood pressure up every time. The guy on locally, from 7am to 9am, has been on Twin Ports radio since I was a kid. Not to make a pun, but these days, he is just 'phoning' it in. Its like he has 25 3 X 5 cards and just reads them in order Monday thru Friday. Still, I listen. Following that bit of local arcana is a rank amateur and most days his rank amateur side-kick. He isn't a professional broadcaster and admits it but that isn't an excuse. Some old-timers have been in radio so long they have almost earned the right to 'phone' it in. The other local guy should be ashamed to take his pay-check. Not because he is bad. Not because he is an amateur. My complaint is...he isn't trying. He is just lazy. That's enough of that. Fucking Duluth. Who cares?
  1. axmanzman wrote on 2010-April-13 21:43:25:
    Rob.... Radio isnt what it used to be. I rarely listen to music radio any more because the music has changed and the so called "dj's" Yell too much... Theres no personality to radio any more. Even WCCO which is supposed to be personality radio is the same thing every day.. ACCCCCCCCCCCK its like they read cue cards...I've taken to listening to internet music shows.. I have one as you know and i try to bring a little personality to it like the ol days of radio.. and what i do doesnt even qualify as djin or even ijing
  2. axmanzman wrote on 2010-April-13 21:46:06:
    ooooops i hit the send button before i got thru... i just love to do it cause its fun and i love music and i hope the listeners find it a little entertaining.. even the talk station here in the cities has now changed to all sports talk.. just what we need another all sports station!!!! sighhhhh i miss the ol days of U-1oo and WDGY
  3. MBiolo wrote on 2010-April-14 06:55:25:
    I'm a big fan of satellite radio. Especially like the "40s on Four". Nothin' like the big band music of yesteryear. When I need a Top 40 fix I can dial in "60s on Six". The classics are on the dial as well as jazz, news, talk, sports, and the old time dramas. Best of all? No f---ing "DJs" or whatever they are now. I do miss the personality radio that we knew, loved, and of which we were once a part. Miss the production, the jings, the staging,and the personality. Indeed what has happened to radio??? Hell, I even miss the cue burn on the old 45s. (And I still believe with all my heart that music sounds better, much better, on vinyl.

  4. axmanzman wrote on 2010-April-14 16:21:27:
    Marco I agree with you 100% Vinyl is still the best format for music... digital makes it sound too thin... to perfect... ive recorded in analog and digital in my musical career and i much prefer analog tape ... then put it on disc if you want... The old 33s and 45 even the old 78 have a much warmer sound...natural... They are not called DJ's now... since non of the equipment in todays radio stations remotely resemble a turntable for a record or even a CD player.. its all electronically reproduced... little digital bit of info you slide into a slot and it pops up as music. I dont think todays radio person could even cue a record if his/her lives depended on it... hehehehehehehe ROB bring back personality radio pleeeeeeeeeese.....
  5. Rob Sherwood wrote on 2010-April-21 21:17:04:
    Wow! All this commenting and I didn't even catch it. My ears are too shot to tell the difference between vinyl and anything. As long as there is good stereo separation and I totally satisfied.
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